Water Nexus to Food, Health, Energy & Social Science

Knowledge-driven Research oriented towards Applications in Integrated Water Science



Water has been identified and obviously is one of the key necessities and key research topics in Jordan. However, water science alone, does not lead to innovations and changes needed to spur development for the Jordanian economy and society. Therefore, water research needs to be connected to other key sectors.


The other key sectors for the Jordanian society, economy and innovation community are agriculture,  food production and processing, the health sector, including pharmaceutical industry, and the energy sector. All sectors need to be understood as an integral part of  society and  environment.


High unemployment in Jordan, also amoung the young generation, makes the efficient conversion of innovation to initiatives an important objective. The idea of the German Jordanian Research Partnership between German Universities of Applied Sciences and Jordanian Institutions of Higher Education is to foster high impact research. The Jordan research community provides research and internationalization opportunities,  German HAWs contribute with their experience in converting knowledge-driven research into innovations.